Lila Whaleshark Snorekeling

Lila is a breathtaking spot where whalesharks can be found, and snorkeling with these majestic creatures is an experience like no other. The peacefulness of the underwater world surrounding Lila is truly humbling, and swimming alongside these gentle giants is a privilege that should not be missed.


Vehicle Rental:

Car(1-4pax) = P2,500

Van(5-14) = P3,500

Snorkeling Fee:

Local = P700

Foreigner = P1,500


Suggested Itinerary

Approximately 4 hrs:

6:00 - 7:00 am – Pick up from Tagbilaran Seaport/Airport/Accommodation

  • Proceed to Lila Whaleshark Snorekling
    • Briefing
    • Life jacket and Hop on boat

11:00 pm – End of Tour (estimated time)-Drop off to Tagbilaran Seaport/Airport/Accommodation

Optional Activities that may be paired with Whaleshark Snorkeling


Balicasag & Virgin Island Hopping can also be paired with Panglao Island Tour. Balicasag & Virgin Island Hopping can be done within half a day too

so you can proceed to the Panglao Island Tour after.


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Abatan Firefly Watching Tour is a unique experience that allows visitors to witness thousands of fireflies lighting up the trees along the Abatan River. It is a magical display of nature that will leave you in awe and wonder.


Since Whaleshark Snorkeling would only take half of your day, you may do the Firefly Watching in the evening


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You may proceed to the Bohol Countryside Tour after Lila Whaleshark Snorkeling. Although we have to customize and pick the main toursist spots of the Countryside Tour to fit both tours in a day


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